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14/05/2019 7:03 am  

What would be a forum without some kind of code of conduct to follow? I'm all for the freedom of speech and expression, but I'm also not looking to foster chaos. This post outlines the primary rules for commenting and posting in the forum. 

Community Guidelines

Rule #1: Be cool. Don't be quick to ascribe negative intent to others, and don't be a dick. I have a low tolerance for trolls and shady behavior, and it has no place here. I'm fine with spirited debate and discussion, but the moment it crosses into personal attacks and disrespect then it's over. Issuing personal threats of harm, doxing, or others will result in banning.

Rule #2: Profanity is allowed, but use it appropriately. Do not use profanity in thread titles.

Rule #3: Do not post or link to anything illegal such as how to illegally modify weapons or link to guides for doing so. Do not discuss any illegal activities you yourself might be involved in.

Rule #4: Respect copyrights. I dislike when people steal or copy my content without attributing it, and I don't want anyone doing that to others here. If you find an article, you may share up to four paragraphs of it and share a link to the original content.

Rule #5: I get that we're all adults here, but stay on topic. I'm not interested in an ARFCOM BOTD thread or anything of that nature. You can go over there for that. 

Rule #6: No advertising for your webshop or brand without prior authorization from me. Any posts or links that appear to be spam or stealth marketing/shill campaigns will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. That includes affiliate links and other activities. Just don't play that game here.

Rule #7: New members should check in on the introduction forum. Let everyone know who you are and say hello!

Have Fun

Seriously, I'm more focused on enjoying everyone's [digital] company than I am on waving a banhammer around. I look forward to the conversations and where we go from here.

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