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[Sticky] What is "Brass" And Why Does it Matter?  


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13/05/2019 8:52 pm  

If you've been poking around at all, you've probably seen what looks like an ammo counter under each user's name. So let's talk about that for a minute.

The Everyday Marksman community isn't like other forums you might have come across. We put a high priority on quality discussions and content and empower users to shape the community to those ends. To support that, we have a system running in the background tallying points for every user when they take positive actions in the forum. These points, called "Brass." This is a numerical indicator of actions a member has taken around the site.

Different actions on the site are worth different amounts of points, and I'm not going to reveal behind the curtain for now. So what kind of actions can you earn points for? Here are some examples:

  • Commenting on blog posts at the main site
  • Starting and posting in threads
  • Asking questions in the Q&A forum
  • Answering questions in the Q&A forum
  • Marking a question as "Answered"
  • Upvoting another member's response to a question
  • Receiving an upvote for your own responses
  • Posting a blog article

You get the idea. It's not just about you, but helping others as well. That's why answering questions in the Q&A forum is worth more hits than a regular response on another board. Publishing a post on the blog is worth a lot of brass.

It's also about growth. In fact, the fastest way for you to collect brass is to complete the marksman challenges.

Something to keep in mind is that we implemented limits on some of these actions. You won't be able to infinitely spam the site with comments or posts just to gain more hits. There is a cutoff for different actions. Some have a daily limit, some are weekly.

So what do you do with all of this brass?

I haven't fully implemented it yet, but you will be able to use your brass to purchase ranks, titles, and access to new areas of the board. Later, as the site continues to grow and I have some actual products to offer in a web store, I plan to let you use your hits to earn discounts or even purchase items in the store.

That's all in the future, though. For now, focus on building a solid community.

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