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Project Gungnir Upd...

Project Gungnir Update  


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11/12/2019 4:14 pm  

Rather than making a thing out of it, I thought I'd share some updates on the precision rifle project. I've been going back and forth in the behind-the-scenes channels on the topic, but now the direction is set.

On the advice of ILya, the Dark Lord of Optics, I purchased a Stiner P4xi 4-16x56 scope. It's a first focal plane optic with mil-hash reticle instead of the tree style that's grown a lot in popularity. The big bonus to me was that it collects a lot of light, and ILya pointed out that it's one of the brightest and clearest at the price point. Seeing as I got a great deal on it, I couldn't walk away.

I'm going to use the rifle and optic as part of an overall precision-rifle training path. When you read articles about what the pros use during PRS matches, it's pretty well dominated by scopes topping out in the 25x to 30x range. So why do something that tops out at 16x?

Well, to start, I'm not one of the pros and I simply can't afford what they use. Secondly, my reading on the topic is that most matches really take place between 12x and 15x because of the field of view. The high magnifications are much more useful for load development or other special circumstances. It's more like a "nice to have and not use rather than need and not have."

The goal for me was not the highest magnification I could afford, but something that will remain reliable, mechanically sound, and not hinder me from growing along this path.

The rifle itself is still at the gunsmith getting inlet and bedded.

My plan is to attend a precision rifle class in either March or June of next year, depending on funds available after doing a pistol shooting course in February. If anyone is in the area, you're welcome to join me.

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