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Rifle stocks vs cha...

When it comes to bolt action rifles, do you prefer a traditional stock or a chassis system? Poll is created on Nov 10, 2019


Rifle stocks vs chassis? A poll.  


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10/11/2019 11:08 am  

I've got it in my mind to take my Howa 1500 and finish it out using the more traditional stock that it's already in. But I feel like there's always room for one more. There's just something appealing in an industrial/utilitarian way about a bolt action rifle in a chassis system.

Do you have any preference?

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11/11/2019 4:57 pm  

I just like the utilitarian, no-nonsense, pure performance looks of a chassis.  Stocks can look good, but they do so (to me) by evoking a kind of nostalgia, or some sort of implied pedigree.  Chassis just look so new and modern, and I love them.  I'm also a born contrarian, so that may influence my preferences as well.

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11/11/2019 11:35 pm  

I’m in the traditional stock camp. I completely understand all the benefits a chassis system brings to the table and that it is most likely the better choice here, but I’m a sucker for classic lines and natural materials if I can have them. If the current stock is synthetic then just go whole hog on a chassis. Black Friday is right around the corner you know.


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