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What MOA size of do...

What MOA size of dot in sight?  


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11/06/2019 2:17 pm  

I'm looking to add a "red dot" sight to my AR and have encountered a question.  What size of dot should I look for?  What do people consider to be the optimal size?

The one I'm presently looking at is the Vortex Strikefire II red/green with a 4moa dot.  For longer ranges it will cover a full MOA or more in area, but will be faster to pick up for shorter ranges.  For a firearm that may be used for serious social purposes it seems to me getting on target as fast as is possible is the way to go.  If I need serious long-range precision I will go to the back-up iron sights since neither have any magnification and in low-light shooting at multiple hundreds of yards seems unlikely.

What say you?


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11/06/2019 8:12 pm  

The going trend has been about 2 MOA for the dot. You can always turn it up brighter so that it "blooms" for easier acquisition, but then you can dim it down for a more precise shot as well.

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12/06/2019 8:21 am  

2 Moa or 1 moa with a circle like the eotech.  I had a 4 moa dot and unloaded it once I realized that I was having issues hitting partial targets due to no shoots in front of them.  This was at 100 yds

Consider a LPVO if you really need to ID targets at distance and also need something quick up close.

With modern tech I dont think I’d rely on irons for distance shots as I’m faster with a dot at nearly all distances but I’m even better with a lpvo at 100+ yds.

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12/06/2019 9:07 am  

I like the 2 MOA dot on my PRO.  The M68 CCO I used wasn't half bad either (I think that's 2 MOA as well).  The CompM4 I had was okay, but I think 4 MOA might be too large for my taste.

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17/06/2019 11:25 am  

I'd never go with anything more than 2 moa.  A shouldered rifle is so stable that the 'speed of aquisition' gain for anything above 2 just isn't there, but you still lose the precision.  Like @bdover said, a partially obscured target up close can easily require more precision than a 4 will allow.

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18/06/2019 1:16 pm  

I'm going to be the odd dissenter of the bunch.  I've always preferred the 4 MOA dot in an AimPoint.  This is based off of usage with an AR15 in .223 removed link NATO.  I've used them on rifles intended for defensive use, competitive use and in hunting scenarios.

By working off the top of the dot for zeroing at 100 yards, I can get solid sub minute groups from a rested position.  The accuracy difference that I've seen when shooting groups with both a 4 MOA and a 2 MOA dot is negligible, and either one proving to be "better" always varied day to day and was attributed to shooter error.

Most .223 removed link ammo is going to drop 2-3" at 200 yards.  That's squarely in the top half of the 4 MOA dot at 200 yards.

At 300 yards, most 5.56 ammo drops 12-15".  That 4 MOA dot covers 12" at 300 yards.

That 100 yard zero with a 4 MOA dot gives me a set up that allows me to put the top of the dot at the shoulder line on an IPSC target or an E silhouette from contact to 300-325 yards and still get acceptable hits.


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