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How are your 2019 goals going?  


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16/06/2019 3:48 pm  

Well I finally hit my 2019 goal, to shoot in my state's lever action silhouette match. I've been shooting my club's monthly competitions (weather permitting). This weekend I shot in the state match and took 2nd in my division. Now being best in A/B is essentially being of the best of the not so great shooters, but I am creeping closer to the next class and making improvements in technique and mindset compared to last year.

While not the most high-speed goal low drag pursuit, it has been straight up fun. Don't forget to have fun as part of being a better marksman.


Thank you for coming by The Everyday Marksman. This site and its community are a labor of love. I hope you stick around for a while, and maybe even join us.


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