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07/08/2019 7:39 am  

Hey guys, I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who filled out the survey I sent via email yesterday. I really do value what ya'll have to say. With that, I thought I'd share a few interesting bits from the results:

On the question of "How would you rate your experience so far" the average works out to about 4.6/5 for the responses. For the math nerds, there was a statistically significant response rate, so this number is good. I do realize, though, that there is also some self-selection bias in that the people who were already inclined to provide feedback were probably already really engaged and happy. That said, taking care of that group is my priority!

When it came to favorite articles, the answers were all over the place. It seems like everyone gets something different, which is great. A few standouts, though, were the Minuteman KISS Rifle, the Marksman Challenges, and the Load-Bearing series. The one that really surprised me here was the Minuteman KISS rifle. If you're one of the ones who said this was a favorite, I'd be very curious as to what about it really works for you.

On the topic of the podcast, 66% of respondents had not listened to it, but many said in the comments that they intend to. This doesn't surprise me at all, though. The podcast is a different medium with a slightly different audience than blog posts. I have a separate stack of statistics about listenership, and it's doing pretty darn well for a podcast with only 6 episodes.

As far as things to improve upon, you guys were very complimentary and said, "not much." Like the favorite articles question, the responses here were all over the place with requests for marksmanship articles, gear deep-dives, after-action reports, and hammering on the fundamental truths/tenents of The Everyday Marksman.

So, once again, thank you, everyone. This feedback will really help me out with planning for the next several months!

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07/08/2019 9:52 am  

While I wasn't one of those who mentioned the Minuteman KISS Rifle article, that article is one of my most re-read articles from the blog.  In fact, that article has inspired my next upper project.  It will be sort of a hybrid of your Minuteman and MCC concepts, with the intent of being an irons trainer that can be modified to a MCC-type rifle.  It will feature an A2 upper, indicating it's intended role as mostly an irons-only setup, as opposed to an M4 type upper with some tye of bolt-on sight.  I have enough of those already, and want to step back to the fixed irons for maximum proficiency.

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09/08/2019 6:49 am  

Matt the Minuteman KISS Rifle article topped the list for me for a few good reasons. I came away impressed with your patience to build the KISS setup in very detailed fashion. You also managed to blend traditional irons platform set up with very crafty upgrade additions (example: short throw safety and front sight post). Your methodical well researched approach brought some very nice additions to the "old school" set up. You thought "outside of the box" to really piece together a very nice modern day iron sighted rifle.  I am a far too impatient a person to pull this off and tend to impulse buy at times based on herd mentality. So the KISS article was many lessons learned. Gleaned a lot from that article on personal purchasing short comings.


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