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What's on your Christmas list?  


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16/11/2019 10:57 am  

Since the holidays are upon us, I've been putting together my "wish lists" for gifts. I'm a notoriously difficult person to buy gifts for since my interests are very specific, and I'm rather obsessive about picking out just the right item. Last year, the theme was a lot of outdoors gear including knives, a hammock, and a new computer to run the site with.

This year, the theme seems to be all about the site. Photography and video gear, audio equipment, lighting, and other stuff like that. There are some shooting-related things too, which I'll touch on in upcoming posts. For example, I've asked for some replacement Beretta parts to do an at-home trigger job, a bolt knob for my precision rifle, and other misc parts. I'm finding that I"m less interested in NEW shooting gear than I am in modifying/upgrading what I already own.

How about you guys, what's on your list?

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19/11/2019 3:23 pm  

Books.  Anymore, I just have books on my wishlist.  I don't have time to read them, but I still want more and more of them.

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19/11/2019 7:38 pm  

The hankerin' to go to the voods has been strong lately and I've wanted a top of the line sleeping bag for 10 years. $390 for and Enlightened Equipment 850 fill quilt in the right colors would be nice...and totally unnecessary. Truthfully, quality time with friends and family over some good food and drink is it for me. On the complete other side of things, some wilderness isolation on the menu too.


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