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Are bolt guns obsol...

Are bolt guns obsolete?  



Curious about your thoughts. A recent video by inRange got me thinking about the topic. Granted, they used vintage bolt action rifles (think KAR-98) in a 2-gun match- so of course they will be "outgunned" by the semis, but in the bigger picture...are bolt guns a relic of a bygone era?

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In light of some recent political movements, here's my $0.02:

Should the loss of semi-autos come to pass, you're basically left with two methods of rapid fire: lever action or bolt action.  Both are about the same age in terms of design origin, but bolt actions offer faster reloads (cycling is probably a wash) and may even be a more robust mechanism all together.  On the other hand, lever action may offer double to triple the internal capacity.  Each has unique advantages in cartridge offerings.  Long story short, either could do the work.

Me personally, if I couldn't have a semi-auto as a do-all rifle, my go to would be a Enfield No. 4.

But are they obsolete?  Sadly, I believe so.  Are they irrelevant?  No, I still think they're quite relevant depending on application and availability of alternative options (namely a lack thereof).

Internet reputations may be one thing, but cold hard data is another.


Absolutely not. They operate on a simple basis, handle super duper high pressure magnum loads, are typically more accurate than any semi-auto loader, are reliable if ran properly and with some practice, tend to be offered in the lightest weight configurations available and are staple of manufactures and hunters. And I like them.

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