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Are Quad Rails Obso...

Are Quad Rails Obsolete?  



Aside from scoring points on Reddit and building clone rifles, are quad rails still worth considering  for  a modern sporting rifle build?

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5 Answers

Here's my $0.02 on quad rails:

A good quad rail provides rigidity, and support for attachments as the mission requires.  My preferred quad rails also provide sufficient heat shielding, which enable comfortable use with appropriate covers.  However, given that the of four quad rails I've owned or used in since 2011, only the M4/M5 RAS system remains on any of my rifles says something.  Rails from Troy and Midwest Industries have been kicked off my rifles for two reasons: 1) I found a free float to do the job, and 2) they had no heat shielding.  The RAS, however, creates its own set of problems as that beast is heavy.  You may not notice it on a stock M4, but on an M16A4 (clone or semi-clone like mine), it's a front heavy pig.  A beautifully comfortable pig, but front heavy nonetheless.  If I could find a rifle length DD Omega m-lok rail (my new favorite rail), it'd be gone, too ($265ish that I paid for it aside).

However, I'm not above using a tight locking quad rail if it does what I need.  I happen to like the locking mechanism of the RAS, and I wish I saw it in more hand guards.  They're not obsolete, but there are better options available.

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Internet reputations may be one thing, but cold hard data is another.


If you need absolutely zero flex on your rail (like a laser designator that you'll use at range and/or for highly precise work), then quad rails make sense.

Other than that, they are very robust handguards that are overly heavy.

"Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement"


I don’t think their obsolete by any means. I don’t think you will find a more robust system anywhere, and you can still find them quite light.

can the M-Lok wonder reails

be lighter? Sure. But what’s the coat in durability?

"Man is still the first weapon of war" - Field Marshal Montgomery


I definitely don’t think they are obsolete. There will always be a use for the rugged indestructibility.

Oh and RAS rails FTW!

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I run Centurion free float quad rails on a mid-length with fixed front irons and the same on an AR pistol and like them. They're two piece and clamp on the factory barrel nut, so they might not be exactly what you're talking about but it is a lot of aluminum up front on a mid-length system because it runs all the way up to the front sight, further than a carbine.

With that being said, it handles fast and is the most tame AR I've shot that's not Gucci'ed out. I set it up for training and I'm not disappointed with it. But (!), if given the chance to do it all over again, I'd probably go with a keymod freefloat. The deciding factor was whether I could install it myself, keep my front fixed iron sight and if it was free floated.

In the end, I think quads will remain on heavy duty weapons and by far, the civilian world is on the move with keymod and mlok.

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