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Does Cheap Gear Have Place?  



I like to buy cheap gear as a low-cost way to test out a concept before dropping a ton of money on something.  Do you guys do the same?  Have you been given a false-negative from this method, or has it worked out so far?

"Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement"

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DAMN! 10,000 words come to mind. Short version: Your quotation covers it " good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. "   YES.

You test everything.  Your 1st car was not a Lamborghini usually, that 1st guitar was department store special, that .22 holds a cherished place in your memory.  Do you get enough "bang" to stick with it?

My dad's  .38 snub nose ( that no one knew how to hold, let alone pull that heavy trigger) turned me off of pistols for years!  Yet a surplus automatic late in life & it's off to the races.  Sometimes cheap IS good enough.  That $24 welding Helmut for that occasional dirt-dob repair versus that auto darkening one with skulls  and techno Picasso paint, when you're not going to buy the tier 6000 wire- feed welder.

Sometimes cheap bites you in the tuccus.  That one off job for a friend, 3 cheap drill bits can't do 1 hole,  break down buy a good one and you drill 6 in less time than it took you  to open the blister pack.

Do you want to blow 3-4  times the $$$ on a scope than you did on a rifle for 1 shot? It's not like you get to test drive everything.  This is why we join a forum, a pool of experience, the trials and tribulations, the knowledge of  what works, what doesn't, and what is is good enough.  There is always a caviote (sp?)  BUT: "behold the under lying truth".


Well said.


 Do I buy ‘cheap’ gear,   No. Inexpensive, yes.

Personally I like to try to get gear used to save a few bucks.   I personally shop the Arfcom EE and ebay for stuff.  That’s how I realized that I pefer Esstac Kywis to HSGI tacos.  Also Safariland to G Code.

Overall, I personally think the idea has merit as buying inexpensive/used allows me to demo something at a match in a ‘real world’ environment.    Worst case is I get something i don’t like I can usually flip it for about what I’ve git in it; that’s the upside of sticking with used of the major /nicer brands.


In the past I liked to try inexpensive gear to explore a concept and if I liked it and it worked then I'd buy the best I could afford.

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--Samuel Adams


That's generally what I do too.


I am with BDover, I try to find used gear to save on money...I haven't used enough gear though to really say anything on the topic though.

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