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Footwear advice  



Need some help from everyone.  My current Salomons Speedcross are finally dying.  The pairs I've had have been great but now I need new rucking shoes/boots.   Also, advice on socks.

For boots I'm currently eyeing the Danner South Rim 600, Danner Explorer 650, and the Goruck MacV-1s.   I'd love a pair of Salomon Jungle boots, but I cannot find them in stock anywhere.   My use would be range/classes, rucking, and normal dog walking stuff.  So i'm looking at probably 70/30  on asphalt/concrete vs gravel/dirt.   I really need something with a durable sole.  I prefer a low to minimal ankle coverage, I have a bunch of 8" boots for fall bird hunting if I need something tall like that.  Salomons Speedcross were awesome but I'd burn a pair out in 4 months due to the sole being less than ideal for urban areas.  Any boots would be a spring to fall weather options, for cold weather I'm covered.

Also I need more socks, currently I have an assortment of smartwool, Darn Tough, and an assortment of athletic socks.  Anyone have a brand they really prefer?  Currently the Darn Tough are my favorite since they're good in summer, winter, & everything in between.  Also they have an excellent warranty.

Thanks for everyone's advice & suggestions.


Keep in mind the effect of weight of your boots.
Catlin and Dresendorfer (1979), have found that a weight difference of 350 grams (12 oz) on footwear increases energy consumption with 3.3%. Soule and Goldman (1969) have found that the energy cost is about 5 times greater if you carry a weight on your feet compared to carry it on your torso.

So always go light and strong. When I was a corpsman and humping with marines the issues were blisters and hot spots , and lack of support of ankles. Look for a boot that breathes remember that water proof is often due to gortex type insulation which leads to excessive moisture in the boot and foot rot. Bad boots can keep you out of action pretty quick

My favorite ( I am in Texas so it’s hot) is the Merrell MOAB removed link


Do you prefer the low or the mids?

In regards to waterproof/insulated I don't want that at all in these boots. These will be exclusively spring/summer/fall use boots.


I use the low. Granted you give up some support but it gives a good trade off with adequate ankle support. The mid height don’t really do a better job with high ankle sprains. For that you have to go all the way to 12”

3 Answers

I can't really offer much advice here sine I"m a fan of the Jungle Ultras you're trying to find.

Amazon has them in stock, though you have to sort through the colors and sizes. If I was doing it over again, I'd probably get the brown ones.:

"Man is still the first weapon of war" - Field Marshal Montgomery


First on socks, I'm a big fan of Darn Tough as well and I also like Bridgedale socks. Smartwools are comfy but wear out to fast...

On boots, for tue type of boot your looking for check out Lows Renegade Mids or Salewa Mountain trainer mids. Both are solid boots that will work for your needs!

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Thanks Jay! I guess I’ll stick with darn tough socks. No one has a better idea. Fire pits I’ll have to take a look at those options.


I have had great results with the Darn Tough wool socks.  It took me years to come around to listening to good advice on this, but going with good quality wool socks has been one of the best foot things I've done for myself.  I went ahead and replaced all my socks with these kind of wool ones, even the ones I wear everyday and at work.  My feet feel much better as a result.  On some longer endurance and/or rucking and hiking activities, I certainly have fewer foot complaints with the wool socks.

Re boots- I've been very happy with a pair of the GoRuck "MCAV" boots I think they're called.  A friend bought a pair and liked them so I did too, and this also has been a great improvement for the feet for me.  I finally got pushed over the edge into buying a pair when my friend mentioned that they weigh only slightly more than a pair of running shoes.  I'm maybe 9 months into my pair of them and am very happy, will buy another pair to replace these when the day comes.  So far they are holding up strong.  Just a friendly warning, they are kind of spendy but I'm well-pleased with mine.  I don't dread running while wearing boots anymore like I used to.

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Thanks man! I wear dark tough pretty much full time. Didn’t know if there were any better options.

For boots I keep eying yo the go ruck boots, really wish in puke try them on. Might just order a set and see how they feel.

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