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Pouch Attachment Methods for Rigger Belts  



When using a "rigger" style belt, specifically in conjunction a velcro inner belt to secure it in place, is it better to look at pouch options that use belt style loops or look at an outer belt that has MOLLE webbing to weave pouches into?

I ask because I am replacing my old 1.5" CR Speed belt and Uncle Mike's pouches. Don't laugh too hard, that cheap combo worked for me for the last 8ish years or so for USPSA, classes, and informal club matches. I had two regular set ups for the belt: 5 pistol pouches and my holster for pistol events and a 2 pistol/2 AR pouches and holster for rifle related activities.  It is a great gamer belt and quick to change pouches, but too bulky and not very secure when loaded up. I want something that I can snap on and off easily, requires no overlapping of the belt ends, and doesn't use a velcro keeper to keep the belt from coming apart.

The issue I had with this set up is the Uncle Mike's belt loops and my Blade Tech AR pouches with Tekloks created an interference between the velcro of the belts. It limits the amount of velcro that can connect. The set up just isn't secure this way, but I could quickly add/remove pouches depending on what my range day looked like. So is my best option for a secure set up going with a belt with MOLLE attaching options or is there a way for me to still reap the benefits of the belt loops' speed and versatility?

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It's funny that you bring this up because I have an article on this very topic in the queue to be written. I alluded to the duty belt configuration in my battle belt article, but never fleshed it out.

In the short run, the solution that comes to mind is First Spear Missing Links:

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I think this is an interesting option to look into that might give me the best of both worlds. A lot to consider. Look forward to me nagging you about the article just like the 20" BCM Upper write up 🙂


One Wrap.... The stuff you can get from Best buy or electronics stores to bundle up cords...

It works great on Esstac ( really all) pouches and belts. Allows the Velcro to still work. Very thin layer between the two belts, easy to adjust if you need to reposition stuff but once the one wrap contacts itself it isn't moving until you move it. Use it on both my comp belts and work belt for USMC Infantry stuff.


I can't speak for anything other than what I use and I use a G-Code Contact Series belt. It's a inner belt that's threaded into your pants like a conventional belt and an outer belt made of much stiffer webbing. On the outer belt, there is stitching that allows you to use molle or their Scorpion series mag holsters.

I like the system because it's comfortable and nothing moves on the belt, ever. Also, I opted to used a padded inner liner rather than rely on the inner belt/'s more comfortable and I require the use of suspenders with all that trash on my waist (I don't have an ass to hold my pants up!).

Another low profile option for comfort are the newer HSGI and TAG battle belts that use a riggers belt as an inside belt but have padding and slots. Because you can weave your belt in and out of the slots, it allows you to put your holster where you require it and not compete for comfort. They run about $85'ish for either.

None of these will go unnoticed in public or at a range though, if that is a concern. They're smaller/slimmer solutions to big and bulky battle belts but are more akin to an officers duty belt.


What works for me (take it for what it's worth) is a combination of both, at least for the moment.  One of my belt kits uses a Velocity Systems Operator belt (part of their jungle kit line) which is fairly light, uses minimal padding but also segments the MOLLE into partitions where you can slide a belt over it to use belt-mounted pouches.  This is essentially what I've done, as the two pistol-only TACOs I use are both belt specific mounted.  I also use snap keepers to hold it in place on either side of the belt buckle.

So this is an option, and it works for me.

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Thanks for this. It is a different method I don't know was out there. I'm going pretty minimalist with my set up so this might not end up being a good fit, but this opens up some more options for me to consider.



If you want to get a new set up the esstac pouches are available with either belt loops or molle.  I've been switching to them & its a much more secure option than the HSGI tacos I was using previously (kydex for the esstac, bungees for the hsgi).

Belt wise personally I'm using a SO tech riggers belt for now & saving up to get a blue alpha molle belt.  That way I can use it for comps & practice.   This is an inner/outer set up that uses a cobra buckle for the outer belt.   I figure to leave pistol pouches on and then add rifle/more pistol as needed.


Esstac pouches are actually what I'll be moving into. I saw their MOLLE and belt loop options which is sort of what spurred this question. My first thought was go with the belt loops, but my current pouches have similar hard plastic loops (maybe just a bit bulkier). They create an interference between the velcro of my current inner and outer belt set up which effects how secure it is when I am moving. Am I paying for new pouches with the same mounting method just to run into the same problem again? How are the Esstac pouches with plastic belt loops working for you?

Now costs wise on the pouches, its not going to break the bank to just grab some sort of MOLLE strap and the belt loops and play with that. But rigger belts with MOLLE webbing sewn in can be a major additional cost. Just as an example HSGI's standard rigger belt is $79, but if I want MOLLE on that same belt it is $198.



I like them so far, I've only done 1 idpa match with them since I got them pretty recently; I wear my shooting belt pretty tight so I have no issues with pouches moving.  Retention is waaaay better than anything else I've used.    I totally get it with the belts, I'm planning on using my riggers belt probably through the spring before I order a new one.


So I put pulled the trigger on an Esstac belt and some KYWI pouches for my Glock and carbine. Hemmed and hawed and waffled and ended up going with their belt  loop set up and not MOLLE route. Am I asking for the same problems I previously had with my last set up? Or will it be the same but different in a good way? I don’t know but we’ll find out and I plan to right an article/review  about it in the coming months. Stay tuned and thanks for all the input.


In the past, for competition use, I used a similar setup with a Stormrider belt (inner and outer combo) with tek-loks for my holster and 3 pistol mag carriers. You’re right though, the problem with that is it really starts to limit how much contact is being made between the velcro of the inner and outer belt. What I did to help mitigate that was add velcro to the backside of each tek-lok which worked pretty well.

Nowadays though, I’m on the path of creating a more battle belt setup leaning towards a g-code setup.

check me out on IG @2alpha_engineer

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