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Price Check on a 98...

Price Check on a 98k  



I’m considering putting my 98K up for sale in the near future. It’s a 1941 production DUV “Collector Select Grade” from Mitchell’s from back in the day (I know). It has the usual Russian capture marks and all matching numbers and is in excellent condition being it was aresenal refinished. Great bore, great stock, great finish etc. I also threw on a repro sling because sling.

What would be a reasonable asking price for something like this nowadays?


Sorry, looks like nobody has much experience here 🙁

1 Answer

I saw your post but didn't have much info.  J&G is asking $400 for a Yugo version of the K98 (M48A) so they would sell yours for probably $500-$600 if they had one.  Of course, they would offer you several hundred $ less than that to buy it from you.

If you were looking at private sale, I'd ask at least $500.  I have a 1939 K98 (also from Mitchell's about 15 years ago  🙂  ) that I don't ever intend to sell but I had been just wondering what it cost to buy another if I found one.

Thank you for coming by The Everyday Marksman. This site and its community are a labor of love. I hope you stick around for a while, and maybe even join us.


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