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14/05/2019 7:16 am  

I included this section as a way for you to make requests for new features, notify me of site issues, or seek help with troubleshooting. When standing up the community, I created a minimal number of boards to get things started. As time goes on, I'm perfectly willing to add new discussion areas as topics evolve and change.

For example, I expect further differentiation of the equipment board into things like long arms, pistols, survival gear, etc. But I'm not going to do that until there is sufficient demand. How will I know when there is enough demand? When someone requests it here with a significant number of members backing them up.

Likewise,  this is the place to make requests for any new features you'd like to see on the site. I'm a one-man show trying to manage a day job, the blog articles, a podcast, and this forum. Time and funds are not unlimited and I have to prioritize where efforts go. Posts for new features you make here serve as a backlog of what you guys want. But I can't build it if I don't know you want it.

Thanks for helping make this forum great!

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