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For the fourth quarter of 2020’s match, we’re taking a note from the bullseye pistol game with a few tweaks. As much as I like rifles, I realize that I’m far more likely to need a handgun for self-defense, so it pays to spend time working with it.

This match requires 25 rounds of ammunition and 25 yards of distance.

The Target

As with the Q3 2020 match, this one requires an NRA A-32 target.

This target is intended for NRA Light Rifle shooting at 50 yards, but since they’re sold in packs of 100, I’m sure plenty of folks have leftovers from the last match. We might as well use them up! The key thing to note with these targets is the black circle, which is 1.874″ wide. The final ring is 3.374″

If you can’t find A-32 targets for purchase, or do not wish to, you may use a downloadable A-32 from Bison Tactical.

Course of Fire

The course of fire for this match is simple. There are five scoring targets on the page, so you will shot five strings of five shots.

  1. 5 shots from 3 yards (top left)
  2. 5 shots from 7 yards (top right)
  3. 5 shots from 10 yards (bottom left)
  4. 5 shots from 15 yards (bottom center)
  5. 5 shots from 25 yards (bottom right)

All shooting takes place starting from the ready and using a two-handed grip on the pistol. 

The event is untimed, so just focus on your fundamentals and work through it.

We are ignoring the scoring rings in favor of counting all hits within the black. So a target with all 25 shots within the black rings is a perfect score.

Equipment Divisions and Rules

For this match, the configuration of the pistol you are using determines which division you compete in. Divisions are as follows:

  • Centerfire Irons
  • Centerfire Optics
  • Rimfire Irons
  • Rimfire Optics

We are not distinguishing between subcompact/compact/full size for this event. AR pistols or similar small rifle-caliber pistols are not permitted. 

If shooting a double-action/single-action pistol, starting from single action is permitted. 

Registration & Score Submission

This match is free to enter for all community members to submit a single target. Since The Marksman’s Quarter is currently open to anyone who wants to join, that means the match is effectively free for a single submission. However, a donation to our support page (or purchasing a match fee) is appreciated. Those who purchase the $5.00 match fee can submit targets to as many divisions as they want.

Submit scores to the appropriate match results group within the community (anyone purchasing an entry receives a link directly to the group). Score submission requires a photo of the target and pistol used to complete the course of fire.

As always, we appreciate a short after action review detailing equipment used, lessons learned, and goals for next time.


This match begins October 1st 2020 and ends on midnight (EST) on November 30th 2020.



Matt is the primary author and owner of The Everyday Marksman. He's a former military officer turned professional tech sector trainer. He's a lifelong learner, passionate outdoorsman, and steadfast supporter of firearms culture.


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Brian Daniels
Brian Daniels

I thought that this was a tough challenge, I shot it at 25 yards to see how I would do, and I didn’t do so well with centerfire. I thought, boy that’s small, so I compared this target to a NRA 25 yard slow fire target. That black portion of the A-32, is the ten ring and less than half of the nine ring. If you’re making consistent hits on that at twenty five yards, I tip my hat to you. I am just a mediocre 270 shooter.

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