Knock Off Some Rust With a Postal Match

Those of us in the Everyday Marksman Discord server (make sure to sign up for emails to learn more) decided to put together a little friendly postal match while things were quiet. This one is free to enter, and just for fun- but Matt wanted to share it with everyone.

This is a handgun-based challenge using a hasty (but fun) target designed by community member Cutright.

Classes and Equipment

  • Centerfire Irons: Any centerfire handgun with iron sights
  • Centerfire Optics: Any centerfire handgun with red dot or similar optical sight.
  • Rimfire Irons: Any rimfire handgun with iron sights
  • Rimfire Optics: Any rimfire handgun with  with red dot or similar optical sight.

Equipment Required

  • 20 rounds
  • Match Target
  • Handgun
  • 4 total magazines loaded with 5 rounds each
  • Holster (optional, but encouraged)
  • Magazine pouches (optional, but encouraged)

Match Target

You may click the image below, or download the target at this link.

Print the target on a standard piece of 8.5×100 paper and place it at 10 yards. 

The [un]official target to use for this match, click to download

Course of Fire

Drawing from holster, engage the match target with speed and accuracy per the below instructions with reloads occurring every 5 rounds. Reloads should be done from the body via mag pouches or pockets (range and equipment permitting). The order of engagement alternates with each reload. The course of fire concludes when the last shot is fired


  • Begin with hands at your side.
  • Draw
  • Fire 5 rounds on the target starting left to right, top to bottom
  • Reload
  • Fire 5 rounds on the target starting right to left, bottom to top
  • Reload
  • Fire 5 rounds on the target starting left to right, top to bottom
  • Reload
  • Fire 5 rounds on the target starting right to left, bottom to top
  • Clear and safe the weapon


Timing: Total time is calculated from the beginning of the drawing motion to last shot. Draw on a beep of a shot timer, a call to draw from a friend, or simply when you are ready.

Hits: A hit is counted when any portion of the black of target broken. Hits on the incorrect target or hits on targets engaged out of order should be considered misses.

Score Calculation: (# hits  / Time in seconds) x 100 = Match Score

Scoring Submissions: Submit a picture of your target along with your time and score to the Discord’s Postal Matches channel. Scoring will be on the honor system.

Wrapping Up

I know ammunition is expensive right now, which is why the round count for this one is so low. If you aren’t in the Discord, be sure to stay tuned to for emails coming from Matt, or sign up today!



A recreational historian and mediocre shot, I'm just your everyday responsible civilian firearms enthusiast. I enjoy firearms history and dabble in the competitive shooting world for fun. You can find me at my local club's Smallbore Lever Action Silhouette, USPSA, and carbine matches. I'm a millennial with a young family and an eclectic set of hobbies. Outside of the shooting world, my interests include Magic the Gathering, leatherworking, preparedness, gaming, cooking, and reading. I've had articles featured on Survival Blog and Pro-Gun Millennial.

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The author of this post is questionable and the guy who designed the target is suspect.

I’ll shoot this challenge this weekend!

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