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Now Hear This: Jack Donovan on the Joy of Strength

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I am going for another article on mindset today. But I will be brief because my thoughts are not the highlight here. Instead, I want to share a recent podcast by Jack Donovan, who I’ve referenced before. Jack’s work serves a sort of inspiration and foundation for many of my own thoughts about what I’m working to build here.

At just over 10 minutes long, this is an easy listen while you’re on the go or in the car.

About Jack Donovan

Jack is a somewhat controversial figure.

He makes no bones about promoting traditional masculinity as something valid and worthy. He despises the celebration of weakness and victimhood. A lot of popular culture outlets, the ones that know him at least, call him an extremist and write him off.

However, he makes good points.

I’m not one to ignore what someone says because another person with a bigger microphone doesn’t like it. Political correctness is tricky like that.

I first came across Jack via a message board about small unit tactics training. The context of the discussion was building a tribe of people who were serious about training, fitness, and teamwork. They recommended Jacks first book, The Way of Men. I purchased it in audio format and listened to it twice while driving coast to coast.

It too is worth the read or listen.

Some Takeaways

Strength matters.

I’m not explicitly referring to the physical benefits of being stronger, faster, and more capable. Instead, this is about the philosophy of being strong. For whatever reason, modern society has shifted to value the weak over the strong. In our rush to nullify gender roles and differences, which is a different topic until itself, we’ve glossed over one of the primary things that make men different: strength.

There is joy and honor in being strong. It honors the memory of those who came before us and gave all they had so that we could survive. Strength signals that we have our lives together. We are, after all, the end result of millions of years of survival-of-the-fittest strong organisms.

Perhaps it’s time to act like it.

I know I slack at times from hitting the gym. After a great run for about a year, my most recent injury really hit my motivation. Well, the doc gave me the thumbs up and I don’t really have any more excuses.

It’s time to honor the ancestors.

Keep a Weather Eye Out

In the coming weeks, you’re going to see an uptick in the amount of fitness and mindset related posts. I’ve been ignoring those areas in favor of more equipment posts, which is honestly backwards. Mindset and physical capability trumps gear every day of the week, so it’s time to dig into it.

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Matt is the primary author and owner of The Everyday Marksman. He's a former military officer turned professional tech sector trainer. He's a lifelong learner, passionate outdoorsman, and steadfast supporter of firearms culture.

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Mark C
Mark C



Strange timing! I just listened to Jack Donovan’s “Violence is Golden” last night for the first time and loved it.

As to the mindset vs gear posts, you know what kind I like. I’m always down for a discussion on how to think about stuff.

Replying to  The Marksman

I can’t imagine the look on that kid’s face.

Some people just don’t realize how thin the ice we’re all skating on really is. I’m just trying to learn how to swim.


Matt, never heard of this guy Jack Donovan but any guy promoting rugged masculinity in this culture is squared away. Ordered his book and for sure mandatory reading for my two boys. No doubt about it!! Great new look to the site!! Keep em coming!! All the best sir.

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