Hey there!

Rather than asking you to donate and support the site out of the goodness of your heart, I’m considering setting up a shop to sell stuff. Before I venture down the rabbit hole of setting up an e-commerce shop, I wanted to gauge interest in such a thing. The link you clicked is part of this test.

One of the first things is prints of photos useful for decorating your gun room or anything else. I’m also looking at Everyday Marksman swag, and maybe even a book.

If you’d like to buy photographic prints, swag, books, or anything else, sign up below. If there’s enough interest, then I’ll definitely put something together. If you’re up for it, I might contact you and ask a few questions about what you’d like to see.

And don’t worry, I’m not interested in spamming you. Signing up here is a separate list from my regular newsletter, and I’m only using it to track interest. Heads up if you aren’t already on the regular email list, you’re still going to receive a “Please confirm” email from my email service, this is purely an anti-spam and privacy measure.

Thanks for showing interest in my work!

Thanks again, and enjoy the site!

– Matt

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