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A recreational historian and mediocre shot, I'm just your everyday responsible civilian firearms enthusiast. I enjoy firearms history and dabble in the competitive shooting world for fun. You can find me at my local club's Smallbore Lever Action Silhouette, USPSA, and carbine matches. I'm a millennial with a young family and an eclectic set of hobbies. Outside of the shooting world, my interests include Magic the Gathering, leatherworking, preparedness, gaming, cooking, and reading. I've had articles featured on Survival Blog and Pro-Gun Millennial.

Real-World Review: Esstac KYWI Pouch & Shooter’s Belt

Way back in 2011, I found myself interested in action pistol events like USPSA. I jumped in with both feet shooting matches at my local club in New Jersey where I was as a green a competitive shooter as you could find. That led me down a long journey and several belt configurations. Let's talk about what's been working for me lately.

Adventure Awaits

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