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How to Contact Matt

Welcome to The Everyday Marksman’s contact page, I’m glad you decided that you want to reach out. I always enjoy hearing from readers and answering questions. I built this page to help answer any common questions you might have before you send me an email. As much as I enjoy running this site, I do have a full-time day job that keeps me quite busy, and that usually means I’m sometimes slow to answer emails.

If you’re looking to answer a question about a rifle, marksmanship, or anything that we talk about here, I definitely suggest that you ask in the Commuity Discord (the link comes when you subscribe via email). There, not only will you get an answer from me, but also other community members who might have a different perspective.

Social Media Contact

Twitter is a great way to get a hold of me quicker than email. It’s perfect for small questions. While you’re at it, don’t forget to hit up my other social media profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Everyday Marksman is focused on building a community. We are happy to publish guests posts, but such posts typically come from our own members. If you have a piece of content that you think is particularly valuable to our members, then I suggest joining the community and participating for a while. 

In the interest of complete and total honesty and fairness to our audience, we do not accept sponsored posts or content at this time.

We are happy to write up a review of your product. But understand that I always give an honest opinion and will not be swayed from doing so.

We are very clear in our reviews about how we acquired equipment for review, and we will not hide any business dealings we have while reviewing or publishing.

Absolutely! I love connecting and networking. As long as you can be flexible with scheduling around my crazy days, this sounds like great fun!

All content within The Everyday Marksman, including our emails, may not be republished without my permission. Sharing social media links and such is encouraged, but please do not copy/paste my content.

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