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A Florida native, Ross enlisted in the Army after high school. He served as an infantryman in the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment for three years prior to his acceptance to West Point. He deployed three times to Afghanistan and Iraq during the first years of the GWOT. After graduating from the Academy, Ross spent five additional years as an infantry officer with the First Cavalry Division, including another deployment to Iraq. These days Ross works a civilian job in the Northern Virginia suburbs, where he does his best to prepare for Scenario X with fitness, marksmanship, bushcraft, first aid training, and the occasional book.

Starting Your Tactical Library

Books are timeless, in depth, explainers of who, what, where, when, and why. They teach us skills, educate us, and serve as valuable references. Unlike other resources in common use, books work with or without electricity. We pulled together this article because of a perceived gap in the broader preparedness sphere.

Adventure Awaits

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