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The Everyday Marksman isn’t just about the advice and thoughts of experts. It’s about real people developing real skills with a goal of living a better life. So with that,  I want to hear your story. 

Better yet, I want to share your story with others.

Whether you’re a total novice just navigating your first steps, or a seasoned marksman with years of experience, I want to share what you’ve experienced with The Everyday Marksman’s audience. 

What kind of stories can you submit? Well, just about anything, but here’s a few starter ideas:

  • Attending a competition or training event, whether it’s your first, last or anything in between
  • A recent victory, or defeat, and what you learned from it
  • Surviving against the odds because of the things you know or were able to do
  • A lesson learned, or long forgotten

By sharing your story with me, you’re giving me permission to talk about it on the podcast, in an email, or here on the website. I can’t guarantee when your story will appear, but you should expect that I will talk to you about it first, if only to learn more about your experience.

Use the form below for submission. This form is not tied to any email subscription service or anything like that. It’s purely a way to let me know that you’ve got something to share.

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I really do appreciate you taking the time to come check out this page and share with me. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the site and subscribe to our email list. I promise not to be spammy. 

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