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goruck active shooter intervention

AAR: GoRuck Active Shooter Intervention

On July 20th, 2019, I attended GoRuck’s Active Shooter Intervention training course, as well as a night fire. I took away a lot of lessons from this one, including a preference for fiber optic sights on my pistols over tritium night sights, as well as the importance of good weapon light usage.



I’m the founder of The Everyday Marksman.

I’ve always been an outdoors fanatic and avid shooting enthusiast. As a former military officer and master instructor, I want to bring a different perspective to the firearms and outdoors communities. It’s not just about high-speed shooting and tactics, but the sum of your ability.

I created The Everyday Marksman to teach tactical skills to everyday people seeking a more adventurous life.

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-Matt, The Marksman

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