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We the People Holsters IWB Holster: Raw Truth Review

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Editor’s Note

This review has been up for a few years. Over the last several months of 2023, I’ve noticed an uptick in comments from people who are unhappy with some aspect of either the product or the company. I don’t have an opinion on that one way or another, as this review is based on my experience and thoughts in 2021, so keep that in mind.

It’s been almost three years since I last reviewed a carry holster. In that post, I worked through the Vedder Light Tuck that I routinely use for my CZ P07. Since then, I’ve actually tried several other options including one from ANR Design that also comes along when I have a light mounted. I haven’t really written about any of them because holsters seem like such a personal thing. It occurred to me, though, that I have other pistols that I could experiment with as well, and We the People Holsters gave me a chance to try something new.

Full Disclosure

We the People Holsters contacted me a while back to ask if I was interested in taking a look their new Defender Leggings (pictured). I ignored it the first time, because I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear about me wearing women’s leggings. On the second go around, Allison was interested in doing some writing for the site and it seemed like a good opportunity for her to try something out.

Her review went up last week. At the same time we requested the leggings, I asked if they could send a holster for the FNS-9 This is my original carry pistol, and one I’ve neglected since becoming a CZ enthusiast.

We the People obliged and we received a package with both the holster and leggings a short time later. We didn’t pay for either product, but we try to keep that separate from our thoughts in the review. I’m quite clear with companies that we’re going to be honest with our findings.

Bottom Line Up Front

Kydex holster makers have sprung up all over the place. Many, such as the one that made my first FNS-9 holster have vanished, while others have thrived. We the People Holsters is a company that just kind of sprang up in front of me, with a bold branding effort and variety of products.

The IWB holster I’m reviewing retails for $41 as of this writing, making it slightly more affordable than other options. In all, I found it comfortable with good retention characteristics and a healthy amount of adjustment.

My only real complaint is that the clip is made from plastic rather than metal. However, this is common in the industry and the included clip seems strong enough.

If you’re in the market for an IWB holster and on a budget, I’d certainly say this is one worth giving a try.

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We the People IWB Holsters

I’ve seen We the People Holsters on social media for a while. They always struck me as a kind of “in your face” company, and you see it in their holster artwork options and social media. Their marketing is very pro-2A, going so far as to write “Protect the 2nd” on much of their material and selling swag that says “Self defense is not illegal.” 

While I opted for plain black, they’ve got an assortment of flags, patriotic emblems, and even a Constitution-themed “We the People” style for their namesake. Allison noticed the same kind of attitude with the sewn on reversed flag and AR-15 silhouette patches found on the leggings.

When I asked for an inside the waistband (IWB) holster for the FNS-9, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The holster came inside a black fabric bag emblazoned with their logo. When I pulled it out, it didn’t really strike me as anything other than a black Kydex holster. But after using it for a couple of months, I’ve come to appreciate some of its design features.

Due to its long grip, the FNS-9 isn’t the most concealable handgun for me. This complaint is ultimately why I switched to the CZ P07, but as we’re getting into cooler weather I was able to make it work under some heavier layers. With that said, let’s break it down.

Shape & Style

The IWB holster is a taco style shell made from .08” thick Kydex. There’s a single screw for adjusting retention with a sandwiched piece of rubber in the middle. The holster features a sweat guard, and the muzzle end is completely open to accommodate threaded barrels. The sight channel is tall enough for handle suppressor-height sights.

The belt clip is .14” thick polymer shaped to grab a belt via a sharp angle on the bottom. A pull-tab also makes it a bit easier to unhook from a belt. I should note that this still takes deliberate effort, and isn’t going to happen accidentally. I have the clip designed for 1.5” belts, but there are other sizes available. The clip mounting surface is raised a bit away from the rest of the holster body.

We the people also offers a claw attachment, purchased separately, that mounts to the tension screw. I didn’t opt for it, as I wanted to get a feel for the holster without it.

The WTP IWB holster is not tuckable, which limits the outfits I was able to wear it with to more casual weekend-wear or keeping it under warmer layers. 

The entire assembly is all made in the USA, which is always a bonus.

Clip Design

I’m generally not a fan of plastic belt clips. That said, the one on the We the People IWB holster is thick, and I suspect some other component would break first. The clip is We the People’s own version of a FOMI-style. I appreciate the adjustability of its attachment, something not present on my ANR Designs model.

The clip itself has four adjustment holes, while the holster shell has another four. Two screws attach the clip to the shell, and you adjust the ride height and cant of the holster by varying the combination hole alignment. In all, it allows for eight different positions.

We the People’s logo adorns the outside of the clip, again with the boldness, and an engraved American flag covers the inside. I’m not terribly concerned about the logo facing outside with this design, as it’s not a tuckable design and therefore I have the whole thing covered anyway.

The whole unit feels tough. As with other designs, thread locker is definitely recommended here. Replacement clips and screws are available through the website.

At some point, I would appreciate if WTP could explore some metal clip options for people like me who just prefer them for durability and lower profile.


Something that I think We the People did really well with the IWB holster is retention. There is a very satisfying and audible click as the pistol goes into the holster. When holstered, I can shake the thing around and there is no rattling or any other noise apparent. It also doesn’t feel at risk whatsoever of falling out.

Despite the great retention while holstered, I have zero issues on the draw, either. I don’t routinely practice with the FNS-9, and I had no issue making smooth draws in the sub two-second range from AIWB. 

In my opinion, the way retention has been handled is a strong point here.

Comfort and Concealment

Back when I interviewed Mike Green the first time, we talked quite a bit about concealment. Mike’s opinion, and one I’ve seen echoed many times, is that comfort shouldn’t really be a factor- but it is still a reality. If you aren’t comfortable carrying a pistol, then you are less likely to do so.

I accept that some pistols are simply less comfortable to carry than others, but I’m willing to deal with some mild discomfort for the added capability of capacity and shootability.

That said, a holster shouldn’t make it any worse. To that end, I have to commend We the People Holsters here because the IWB model is very comfortable for AIWB carry (my preferred style). I tested it out with other positions as well, and it was worked just fine.

When carrying AIWB, I usually have an issue with the bottom edge rubbing against the inside of my my right leg. It’s especially bad with light bearing designs. Perhaps it’s the angle of the cut, but this wasn’t an issue whatsoever with my test sample.

So, kudos here for being a very comfortable design. After months of use going out and about on errands, many bathroom visits, and everything you’d expect a holster to do- it never really bothered me or got in the way.

As for concealment, the WTP design works as intended. I don’t really expect it to do anything significantly different from my other Kydex holsters. Again, I do appreciate the adjustment mechanism here as it let me play with ride height and cant quite a bit to deal with the FNS’s long grip.

We the People Holsters IWB Final Thoughts

Holsters are one of those things that we all inevitably collect over time. Every holster maker has subtle variations on designs that work better or worse for individual users. There’s always the issue of whether someone makes a holster for your particular pistol.

At least that’s something I tend to worry about given my hipster-like taste in handguns that not everyone supports.

If you’re in the market for an IWB holster, I think We the People is worth checking out- especially since their $41 price point is a bit lower than other options. The design is comfortable, shows good retention, and has a solid amount of adjustability. I would prefer a metal belt clip over the included polymer one, but this is a minor gripe given how beefy the included clip appears. Beyond IWB holsters, I noticed that We the People also has a line of Kydex OWB options as well as leather holsters for a much smaller selection of handguns.

WTP supports my current choice of CCW handgun, the CZ P07, with their Kydex lines. They do not, however, appear to have anything for my possible future purchase of CZ 75 D PCR- so stay tuned for where I go with that one.

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Matt is the primary author and owner of The Everyday Marksman. He's a former military officer turned professional tech sector trainer. He's a lifelong learner, passionate outdoorsman, and steadfast supporter of firearms culture.

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Operator R
Operator R

these holsters are cheap garbage. Had one break on me while I was out in the field. Not good.

Craig Camacho
Craig Camacho

I’ve had a WTP IWB holster for my Springfield Hellcat for a couple years now. I’m a larger guy and this is more comfortable then any other holster I’ve tried, and I’ve tried many!

Willie Chaffin
Willie Chaffin

Avoid WTP products. The only thing they’re good at is getting your money instantly. Once you finally get what you ordered, no tracking and you can’t call them, my emails were only responded to by a machine, it will take you 2 months and 10% to get a refund. Worst internet company I’ve ever seen. I ordered 4 times from them and returned 3 orders. Quality is not there.

Roston Henderson
Roston Henderson

Bought two of their T shirts, very poor quality. I could see through the black shirts. It looks like the ones you see at a tourist trap on the interstate that sales T shirts 3 for $10

Daniel F Martin
Daniel F Martin
Replying to  Roston Henderson

Purchased an OWB holster for my VP40 and an IWB for my G3C. VP40 never fit well in its holster and the holster didn’t conform to the body, rode sloppy/unsafe. Stopped using it. Attempted the contact WTP about this holster but could never get an answer. I’ve been using the G3C IWB holster as my EDC for over two years. I rate it as “fair to good”. I like it. This week the belt clip broke. Called WTP to find out if the warranty covered the break or if I needed to buy a new clip. Was on hold 30… Read more »


I agree with all of this….my edc is an original colt m1911 inherited from my grandfather and finding an AIWB holster that comfortably accommodates this gun is difficult however I’ve had a plain black WTP holster for 2 years now without issue.. the claw intended to press it in for better concealment was the first peice to fail however it was added after initially acquiring the holster and I’ll blame myself for it breaking as I did not tread lock the screw and it came loose and the clip slid down to a 90° angle and snapped clean in half… Read more »


Ordered 4 items from WTP (IWB, pocket holster & 2 belts) in early November for Christmas gifts. Here is it Dec 23 and not shipped yet, but they sure hit my CC for the full amount back in Nov. They have not responded to emails or phone calls. Until I read this review, I was thinking they were just a scam website.

If I don’t hear from them or see the goods by next week, I’m reporting the CC charges as fraudulent. Given all the other options available, WTP isn’t worth the hassle..


Do not purchase. Screw fell out after 2 weeks and a couple months later belt clip broke. Customer service sent me new screw and belt clip and told me to use blue thread lock. New belt clip also broke. Product is poor quality. I would never purchase again.


Terrible processing/shipping time and terrible customer service! I ordered holsters from them almost a month ago and they are still processing! Messaged the company 4 times with zero response! Absolutely regretting buying from them and never will again!

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